Friday, February 20, 2009

The Sadness that is Project Ruway

I am a huge Project Runway fan so this whole legal mess has been very depressing. What made it even worse was that the sixth season designers still had their fashion show, but without showing themselves so no one has any idea who designed these collections. Plus, they weren't very good.
So I thought I would get my Project Runway fix from the fashion shows of past contestants, but this was also a disappointment. I really liked Christian's collection from last season but this season it seemed like he was running out of ideas. Both collections featured lots and lots of skinny pants with one pair of massive wide leg pants thrown in. They both also featured almost the exact same dress.
This season:

Last season:

Tell me that is not the exact same dress in a different color fabric. Can't really blame Christian though, he needs time to mature as a designer and Project Runway puts a lot of pressure on him as he's the only real success the show has produced. And it doesn't look like season 6 is going to give him any competition.

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