Saturday, June 20, 2009

Flying Purple People Eater

Shirt: Thrifted in Waltham
Skirt: Self-made
Belt: Chinatown booth
Shoes: I've had them forever and never worn them before

I got this shirt about a month ago and haven't worn it yet so I felt like I had to find a way to wear it today. I decided to go for all different shades of purple, plus my awesome silver sparkly skirt that I made and love. I love it even more now that I've lost weight and it's actually a wearable length! Also, I found these shoes the other day and decided I really liked them with this outfit.
It was also the perfect outfit for today. I got all of the financial aid I asked for and was actually finally able to register for classes. I'm taking science fiction because hello, I just had a dream about Captain Kirk plus you get to write a science fiction story for one of the papers. Plus I'm taking website design because it's graded completely on projects and Mitch guarateed I'd get an A. And I guess it will be a useful skill to have :-P.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Magical Shoes

I got these shoes the other day at the thrift store and they are my new absolute favorite shoes! The only problem is they are incredibly shiny and have the ability to distract me constantly as I walk and make me revel in their shininess. However, I believe they have a separate magical ability. So far I have come very close several times to running into something because I've been focusing on my feet. But I always look up right before I hit something. Pretty sure its because the shoes are magical.

Daily Outfit

Most of the time I think about and plan my outfit for the next day while I'm trying to fall asleep. Generally this is a very bad idea because it doesn't factor in the weather, or if the clothes I'm planning are actually clean. Anyway, this happened again yesterday.

Hat: Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn
Tank Top: Express
Vest: H&M
Jeans: DKNY (originally flared, made into skinnies by me)
Shoes: Thrifted and amazingly shiny
I completely forgot that the top hook and eye closure on the vest was broken and didn't realize until I was about to put it on and walk out the door. So I just left it. Problem number 2 was that I had a billion doctors appointments that day (hence the blue bandage on my arm) and putting on and taking off the vest is a huge pain. Otherwise I loved the outfit. Plus I managed to remember my umbrella which I think makes up for the poorly planned outfit :-).

Where No Woman Has Gone Before

I had the strangest/most disturbing dream last night, which I believe was completely caused by the cough medicine. All of a sudden I realized I was sitting next to Captain Kirk (at least it wasn't the modern day William Shatner)and he had his arm around me. Spock sat across from us, and when I could hear what they were saying it was them trying to convince me to have a threesome with them. Ummm, no, not happening. First of all I was still engaged in my dream and secondly Spock had very long fingernails which were very unattractive. Luckily I woke up before anything of this actually happened, because really, how do you refuse a Captain of the Enterprise?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wardrobe Malfunction

A few days ago my bedroom was pretty warm so I decided to wear the outfit I had picked out the night before. Unfortunately as soon as I stepped outside I realized it was pouring rain. I had just purchased a new raincoat (from the $1 a pound at the Garment district). Fantastic, I thought, now I can use my new raincoat and still look cute underneath. Problem was this:

Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: Cut offs from Old Navy Jeans
Belt: Waltham Thrift Store
Shoes: Waltham Thrift Store
Turned into this:

I didn't notice that it looked like I wasn't wearing pants until I got to my appointment. At that point I just thought screw it, the pantsless look is trendy now anyway right?

Friday, June 12, 2009

I feel like a Newsie!

I really wanted to wear my again today (surprise) and then I saw the suspenders that Mitch refuses to give up even though they won't fit him. But I have them now which means I have to get as much wear out of them as I can before he steals them back (they were also about $.50, so the whole thing is slightly ridiculous). Anyway I got dressed, looked in the mirror and realized I looked like I just jumped out of the movie Newsies.

The Newsies:

Pretty much the same. I did get some weird looks today, but considering I was at the dentist, work for a minute, and CVS that's to be expected. They don't have newsies go through those places just everyday.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My New Hat Heals Sickness

I've been pretty sick and in pain for the past few days, and finally got an appointment with my doctor yesterday. I was fully prepared to go out in exactly what I was wearing (pajamas) but then I saw my new hat and knew that I had to wear it. And it would look ridiculous with pajamas so I needed to actually get dressed.

So I ended up with a simple outfit featuring my awesome new hat. And my pink scarf/wrap because it was freezing out. But I was still dressed. That hat has magical fashion powers.

My Wedding Outfit

So Mitch didn't know any real details of the wedding on Sunday so I ended up bringing a million dresses and 5 pairs of shoes. At our 50's party I tried on all of the possibilities and this one won. I was pretty excited because I have no idea where else I would wear this dress.

This dress is amazing. I tried it on at the thrift store just for fun expecting it to be hideous and it turned out to actually look good on. Also, I love looking different from everyone else and this dress definitely accomplished that. And yes, that sign says don't stand on the grass, I know, I'm such a rebel. :-P

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Bus Outfit

I know I look like someone that just immigrated to Ellis Island during the 1800s, but everything does have a purpose. The scarf covered my curlers, which I had to put on early to make my hair appropriately curly. The shirt, pearls, skirt, and shoes were all my outfit for the night. The scarf was to keep me warm. The vest was to use as a comfy faux fur pillow. And the bag was to keep my new cool plastic glasses safe. All necessary, no matter how crazy I looked.

Friday, June 5, 2009

BoltBus Scary Fashion

My bus is scheduled to arrive in NYC at 7:15 and me and Mitch have a party scheduled to begin at 9, so of course I had to dress for the party at home and look like a crazy on the bus. It's 50s themed so I really wanted curly hair and the only way I can get curly hair is to use the curlers that you put in wet and let your hair dry with them in. So I am now wearing them, on the bus, covered with a scarf, like an old lady. Here is proof:

I'm also wearing my scarf/wrap thing because it is always freezing on the bus!!!
To make matters worse I've been listening to music and can't help myself from starting to dance and mouth along with the words. People must think I'm a crazy.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Outfit

I was feeling down this morning so I decided to wear something fun, and what's more fun than a banana skirt and yellow tank top? So thats what I wore, with my awesome gold elf shoes. Again today all I had was sewing (yay!), a work meeting and then the workday from hell.
Tank Tops: Target
Skirt: Self Made
Shoes: Thrifted

My Outfit (technically yesterdays outfit)

I really had nothing special to do yesterday but still felt like dressing up so I did. I then sewed, cleaned, and went to work. And then burnt my hand on scalding soup at work and had to go home early. Awesome. And extremely painful.

I love this outfit. Everything came from either the Garment District or the Waltham thrift store.
Blouse: thrifted from Waltham
Skirt: thrifted and vintage from the garment district
Shoes: thfited from Waltham
Belt: thrifted from Waltham (and only $2!)

Close up of the elephant on the belt. How cool is that? New favorite accessory.

Attempting to Curl My Hair

My hair does not curl. I can use a whole can of hairspray after using my curling iron and an hour later it will be limp and gross. But then I remembered back to when I had recitals when I was little and my mother would use rollers that stayed in your hair all night and actually did make my hair curly. So in an experiment for the 50s party on Friday night I attempted to use rag curlers yesterday.

Here's the attempt.

And since I would have to wear them on the bus I tried to cover it with a scarf. I'm rather skeptical.
In the end it kind of worked, but I think it would work better if I left them in longer since when I took them out my hair was still rather damp. I think I'm going to try actual rollers that are meant to be worn with wet hair since I have no coordination when it comes to my hair.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Shoes

I have just recently acquired four new pairs of amazing shoes!

These were $10 at the Garment District, and totally worth it. They are extremely comfortable and have a really high heel. Bonus.

I also got these at the Garment District. They were in the the $1 a pound section so I just grabbed them without trying them on or even finding a size because I figured, it's a $1 I can deal if they don't fit. Not only do they fit but they're actually really comfortable. Best deal I've gotten so far.

These are from the thrift store in Waltham, about $5. I adore them. So much that the strap doesn't really work, but I can just slip them on so totally worth it.

I also got these at the thrift store in Waltham for $5. Pretty sure I was attracted to them because I'm still bitter about the cool elf like shoes from TopShop that were way to expensive and these are definitely elf-like. Plus, they're good summer shoes and I don't have many of those.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fixing My Skirt

I was thrift shopping and found a skirt that I liked but was pretty sure was going to be too big. I got it anyway because too big is much easier to fix than too small. I was right, and it ended up looking horrible because it sat at the wrong place on my hips, was too long, and completely shapeless.

That's me looking sad that the skirt doesn't fit. Anyway, to go along with my obsession with high waisted skirts I just took the waist in and narrowed the entire skirt. It's not a huge change, but I like it enough now to actually wear it!

My Outfit

I had to wear my new faux fur vest immediately because I love it.
Vest: Ralph Lauren Thrifted
T-Shirt: Target
Necklace: Yardsale
Skirt: Express from forever ago
Boots: Thrifted
It wasn't really necessary to dress up in an actual outfit today, considering all I did was get the oil changed on my car, go to a meeting at Harvard and then go to work. Although all the elderly residents loved my vest.

I love scarves! (but don't really know how to wear them)

So I've developed a newfound obsession with scarves, especially the square silk ones. However, I'm not really sure how to wear them.

Of course Mitch has no problem with how to wear my scarves. He does look pretty awesome though.

Here are my awesome fabric scarves. I actually know how to wear those confidently.

I'm very proud of the fact that so far I haven't paid more than $5 for a scarf, and most of them were free. I also just acquired a great pink scarf/wrap that I haven't gotten a chance to wear yet. I will definitely wear it to the wedding on Sunday because Mitch's mother is always giving me her wraps to wear so this time I'll have my own!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Yard Sale Hunting

Last weekend I passed by a dozen yard sales and realized it's finally yard sale season! So this past Sunday I drove around Waltham looking for yard sales and ended up finding two. Here are some of my finds, mostly costume jewelry which was exactly what I was looking for!

Pretty earrings I can even wear to work, bonus!

Even more earrings.

An awesome red plastic necklace that I love.

Seriously, isn't this the coolest pin ever?! Almost as good as the elephant belt. I got it even though I never ever wear pins. I will find a way to wear this one. Maybe sneak it on to my work uniform...

The best purchase of the day, a replica Bowie knife!!! I have it hanging by my bed in case of intruders :-P.
All and all a very successful day. I also got a cute yellow teapot, a huge coat that I'm determined to make into a cute jacket, and some heat up hair curlers. It ended up costing about $15 total.

My Outfit

Here's what I wore today. The dress is vintage and thrifted from the Garment District, the shoes are also from the Garment District (in the dollar a pound section).
My mother claimed I was too dressed up for what I was doing, which was yard sale hunting and thrift shopping. But I love this dress and how many opportunities do you get to get dressed up? Why save your fun and dressy clothes for special occasions? I felt so great all day.