Monday, November 30, 2009

Daily Outfit/Black Friday Craziness

Old Navy was having a black Friday sale where if you spent $20 you got a free lego rock band! Since I've been wanting lego rock band we decided to go, even though it was at 3am on Thanksgiving. We ended up being the last ones in line to get wristbands, and it was for Lego Rock Band for Wii (we have 360). So we traded in one and kept one for a giveaway on this blog! coming sometime this week! Here are my Old Navy purchases:
Black Hat
Giant Boys Sweater
Grey Leggings with Zippers!
Christmas Slippers!


Every year we go to Mitch's parents house for Thanksgiving and his dad makes a Feast, even when, like this year, there are only five of us. It was delicious as always.

When we were leaving we saw this amazing car parked outside of Mitch's apartment and I had to get a picture with it, even if it meant people look at me strangely on the street.

My Outfit for the day:
I had wanted to make a dress but wasn't feeling good so I had another outfit planned. In the end Mitch insisted I wear the giant sequin one.
Dress: Got at a yard sale
Tights: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Thrifted

I decided to curl my hair for the occasion, forgetting what a pain (literally) to sleep on curlers. It turned out cute, so I made Mitch take a picture.
The Food
The Making of the Perogies:

The Pre-Turkey Feast aka The Reason I Can Never Eat My Turkey

Yummy stuffed mushrooms. I ended up eating about 10. Sooo tasty!

Keilbasa. I actually only had one slice because I was trying to save room for the turkey and because it's just not as good as my family's version (why grill it when you can smother it in ketchup, mustard, and brown sugar???)

The Best Part Of Thanksgiving. It's just mozzerella cheese, tomatos, and balsamic vinegar but it's just better on Thanksgiving. Soooo good. I'm blaming this on why I had no room for turkey.

Second reason why I had no room for turkey, the perogies. They are their, just covered by the delicious onions.
This is when we all took naps. So I'll break here and save the turkey/shopping post for later!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Daily Outfit

Dress: Vintage and shortened
Cape: Vintage 60s
Leggings: Forever 21 (I really need some new leggings, I'm wearing these out!)
Shoes: Thrifted
Bag: Thrifted
Gloves: Yard Sale

We went to the Columbia/Princeton Club for dinner for my fiance's father's birthday. It was lots of fun, the food there is delicious, plus we stayed for chocolate cake and wine.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Project Runway Finale - Carol Hannah - Part 2

Look 7:

This has to be my favorite dress from all of the runway shows of Project Runway. I don't care what she says about it being a show piece I would totally wear that. The shape is completely new, and I'm shocked they didn't compliment her more on it.
Look 8:

The tops really cute, I like how it opens up like that. It also has very pretty detailing. It's too bad she didn't do anything more casual or I'm sure she would have placed higher.
Look 9:

It's pretty, the color's pretty, the draping's pretty but that's really all it is. Just pretty. I was impressed it was her 13th look, but then realized jersey is super easy to work in, especially for fit so no real kudos for that.
Look 10:

Blah. Boring and the sash is ugly. Although with that fabric simple was probably the best way to go.
Look 11:

The more I look at this one the more I like it. It most definitely evokes her fairy tale inspiration, the cape is super cute. I love the color and would definitely wear it. I wish I could say the same for the shorts. They're way to high on the waist and I think would look much better if they were made out of a different fabric. Just too much volume which in shorts isn't really a great look.
Look 12:

Love love love love love. I have no idea why this wasn't mentioned at judging, or why they didn't show it being mentioned at judging. It's a beautiful dress, but more than that it shows artistry and innovation. I've never seen anything like that, and it's still completely wearable. It's difficult to make something that is both innovative and wearable. Grump to you judges. I also really like the styling particularly on this one.
Look 13:

I'm a little confused why she did this as her finale piece. It's pretty much exactly the same as the dress she did for the first challenge, with a more elaborate skirt, and the judges sent her back as safe for that challenge. I could understand going back to it if they loved it. It's not that flattering. The color is off and boring. Her other dresses are beautiful and this one just looks overworked and unflattering.

Overall I thought her collection definitely "told a story" and deserved to win. It's the most different when compared to what else is out there right now and isn't that something that should be rewarded? But it seems like cute, pretty clothes that women want to wear aren't going to win out over the all black "innovative" collection (Irina, Jillian vs. Christian).

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Daily Outfit

I just found out my laptop is completely broken (I'm now relying on my fiance to let me use his). Instead of feeling sad about it I decided to dress up for no good reason. We ended up playing Beatles rock band with some friends.
Dress: Thrifted
Boots: DSW

Project Runway Finale - Carol Hannah - Part 1

Carol Hannah's collection was definitely my favorite, probably because it was most my style. I love feminine and pretty dresses, and wish that the judges would value that ascetic more.
Look 1:

This dress is beautiful, too bad Lifetime doesn't have a picture of the side of the dress (grump grump). The draping of the material is amazing, so are the details that you don't really see well on tv. The colors are fantastic together and overall it is just really flattering.
Look 2:

Love love love this skirt. It's so much fun while still being wearable and flattering. Pairing it with a plain top was also a good move because it puts all of the focus on the skirt. The color is also beautiful and subtle. I wish she had gotten more credit for her use of color.
Look 3:

The top is super cute, even with all of the rope details I still think it's flattering. Paired with jeans it could be a great casual look. I'm not a big fan of the pants, they bunch up in a strange way around the ankle.
Look 4:

And clunk. I like that she seemed to be trying something different but I just felt that it was an unflattering shape. Plus it was boring compared to other things she did.
Look 5:

Love this dress. It is an interesting shape at the top and still flattering. Plus the color is gorgeous. I would buy this and just wear it every day if I could. She also did a great job of picking the fabric, it moved beautifully.
Look 6:

I have pretty much the same to say about this dress. The fit is fantastic and I love the detailing and how it cascades down the dress and meshes with the bottom.
That's all for now, looks 7 - 13 coming tomorrow.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Daily Outfit

Dress: Urban Outfitters (boo, I hate them)
Belt: Garment District
Shoes: Outlet store in NH

I wore this for Monday Night Football (so it wasn't so much today's daily outfit). I only go for the cheap wings and beer, and it's always fun dressing up because I am one of the few girls of our friends that actually go. We then went to play Magic cards, or they played and I watched. I then made my own deck (even though it's incredibly nerdy it's still kind of fun). I actually beat Mitch most of the time, and my first game with lots of people was a stalemate. I'm officially a huge nerd now I think ;-).

Friday, November 20, 2009

Grump Project Runway Grump

So Irina won Project Runway. Honestly, I'm not surprised but that doesn't mean I still can't be dissapointed. My favorite collection was Carol Hannah's and I really wish that sometimes the designers would just reward prettiness. Her's was what I would wear everyday if I could wear anything. Althea's was even extremely wearable. Shouldn't that trump "showmanship"? They already got a designer who performs on the runway (Christian) shouldn't they look for a designer who can start a real business and get their clothes out there? Grump to you judges. Also, Irina's t-shirts really seemed to give her an edge, Nina said something along the lines of they showed her individuality. But then I read this on Project Rungay, . Interesting isn't it? Anyway I completely disagree. Again. If anything she should have lost based on her hats.

Anyway, I'm going to tear apart the collections soon, hopefully. My laptop broke, sadness, so I'm dependent on my fiance's for the time being.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Daily Outfit

I've been wearing these leggings constantly because one, I love to wear dresses, and two, it's FREEZING out. They're perfect, I can wear my dresses and skirts and still be warm. Plus, they're awesome. I just need to get more of them!
Jacket: Forever 21
Dress: Macys
Leggings: Forever 21
Shoes: Naughty Monkey

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Daily Outfit

I made this pink dress last year, but had trouble making the hem straight so it ended up being waaay too short to be a dress. I've only worn it to Halloween so far, with shorts underneath. Then I got my shiny leggings and thought why not go all out, shinywise. So I paired my shiny leggings with my very shiny dress/top.
Dress: Self Made
Leggings: Forever 21
Shoes: Naughty Monkey
Coat: Self Made

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Project Runway Recap - Episode 11

I know I'm late with my recap, but I didn't have any place to watch the episode until yesterday! Torture!
Anyway, I really wasn't missing much. The producers really tried to elicit drama with the accusations of cheating but it was really a pretty boring episode. The challenge was to make a look to accompany their best look. Everyone's winning looks were up there...except Logan's. Because he hasn't even had a look in the top three yet. I think we know who's going home this week. Unless he comes up with something amazing he better be going home, it's seriously a joke that he's still there. Actually we all know who's going to be the final three, right now it's just a matter of waiting for that. I don't even feel like watching next week because I know exactly who will be eliminated.
The Outfits:

Althea's winner. I liked it, I probably would have loved it if her model was wearing a bra. Honestly how has no one said anything about that? But the pants were kind of awesome, I loved the bottom detail. Also, the sweater looks super comfy while still being fashionable, it didn't overwhelm. I agree with Heidi, I totally want that sweater.

Carol Hannah's. It's super cute. I love the length and the volume of the skirt. The bodice was also really interesting. I also really like pockets in dresses. Also, I don't know how she could be criticized about the boob issue when it wasn't even mentioned with Althea's.

Irina's. Tacky. I completely agree with Nina, and this is why Michael Kor's and Nina need to be there. Of course Heidi is going to like tight and short, and Nick has slight taste issues. The sweater's nice, but it kind of relies on the hideous belt. I have no idea why she came in second.

Christopher's. They should have just eliminated all three of the bottom people this week. This is so bad. It had some potential, I think if he used like a quarter of the petals and took off the bottom ruffles completely it could have been cute.

Gordana's. I really thought she was going home after they showed that picture of her and her family. Anytime they do a sad backstory you know that person is going to be in trouble. And she was. And she should have been. Her jacket was the saddest thing I've ever seen. Why would she combine grey, with a limp collar, and horrible styling choices? I have no idea why she wasn't eliminated. At least Logan's didn't make me cry.

Logan's. There was just too much of everything. Plus, at this point using zippers isn't creative, it's incredibly derivative. Especially when someone just did it in the last challenge. He had the be eliminated anyway for two things, that collar and the fact that he was the only one without a winning look to work off of.
Next week we'll watch Gordana and Christopher get kicked off! (just a guess...)

Halloween 2009

So unfortunately my Halloween costume didn't come out as amazing as I had planned, mostly because I was sick the week before Halloween and only had a day instead of a week to make it. But I did manage to make enough to actually wear.

Here's a picture where the colors are more accurate but I look horrible:

So I went as Elaine from the Monkey Island games (which if you haven't played you should!). Mitch went as Guybrush Threepwood. We decided to go as the characters from the first game, which was made when games were still all pixelated (and just better). So I made my costume pixelated. The skirt jutted out into squares and the top had ruffles (you can't really see them) that were squared off. We also made our own wigs using felt as the hair so it looked cartoony. Mitch had a pixelated wig but I didn't have enough time to make his costume.
Next year I'm starting at the beginning of October. I've already learned my lesson and I'm going to start my Thanksgiving day outfit now. Last year I did that last minute too (although it came out awesome).
We ended up going to a murder mystery party for Halloween which was fun, but I've been around Mitch too much to not notice when a game is poorly designed. So that took some of the fun out of it, but the people were fun which made up for the bad game. Overall I had a great Halloween. Anyone do anything particularly fun?

Thursday, October 29, 2009


for the lack of posting over the past week. I've been sick with the flu (regular, not swine!) plus getting our Halloween outfits ready (which are going to be awesome). I'll start posting regularly again on Nov. 1st. Halloween is completely my holiday. I've always believed very strongly that if you don't make your costume yourself it doesn't count. For example, when I was younger I dressed as a picnic in a costume that me and my mother made. It was amazing. And I struggled with this huge costume all night because I made it. I'll post pictures of our finished costumes after Halloween, and after they're finished.
Also, the best clip ever from my new favorite show:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

One Stop Shopping - American Apparel

I'm not really a big fan of American Apparel, meaning I've never even walked into a store. So I took this one as a personal challenge. I ended up making three outfits, one that was more me, and two that were more AA/80ish.

Sweatshirt: $43
Skirt: $54
Thigh High Socks: $15
Beret: $24
Total: $136 (no shoes b/c they don't sell shoes)

Second Outfit
Sweatshirt: $43
Leggings: $38
Total: $81

Third Outfit:
Skirt $54
Crop Top: $26
Socks: $24
Total: $104

What do you think. Which look is your favorite?

Urban Outfitters is Evil

I went to Urban Outfitters last night and was treated to some awful behavior by the sales staff. I went their intending to try and find the clothes I used in my online styling from Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately I could only find the hat and sweater, so I went to find a skirt that had a similar vibe and try on the whole outfit.

Here I'm wearing my own Ralph Lauren shoes and then two pieces from Urban Outfitters.
This sweater is the same from before and the skirt is not actually online. This is what happened when I went to try on the outfit with the hat (which I was not allowed to bring in the dressing room because I might steal it? In my tiny tiny purse?).

I was going to have my fiance take a picture of me outside of the dressing room when two staff members rushed over and yelled that we weren't allowed to take pictures in the store. Not even told nicely that it was store policy, we were attacked. Mitch didn't care and took a picture of me walking back into the room, so I don't have any good pictures of the outfit with the hat.
Ultimately the sweater and hat were still cute, but the sweater did not go with the skirt I found. Also, I am definitely never going back to shop there again. You would think that in this economy customer service would be highly valued but apparently not at Urban Outfitters, at least the one in Harvard Square.

Outfit of the Week 10/18 - 10/23

Here are all of my outfits I wore this week:






My favorite outfits were Sundays and Wednesdays. Which outfits did you like the best. I'd love to get some feedback!