Monday, September 28, 2009

More Shoes and Bloomers!

Some more amazing shoes from Milan:

From the Gucci show. I don't know why I have a sudden fascination with completely impractical boots. But these are so amazing. Even if they wouldn't actually keep your legs warm which is what boots are really supposed to be good for.

From the Pollini show. I love these. I think it's the combination of the plaid and the bows. So cute.

And now some more bloomers!

From the Moschino show. Love. Honestly I am only wearing bloomers this spring.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Iceberg, designed by Paulo Germani, produced a collection inspired by Mickey Mouse! In Milan! Not London where most of the crazy shows (catepillar tunnel dress...) are put on. I personally loved it. The clothes that didn't feature the mouse were completely wearable and amazing too.

I love that someone finally did this. The shoulders that are on trend right now do look completely like Mickey's ears, so why not put the top of his head as the bodice for a dress?

I love the Mickey heads covering her nipples in the sheer shirt. It's a great contradiction between the innocence of the cartoon character and the naughtiness of a sheer shirt. Plus the skirt is beautiful.

It's like the hidden Mickey game you play on the Walt Disney website. Can you find it here? (hint, it's on the hotpants)

This was the first of the non-Mickey looks that I loved. Its a perfect girly suit, and I love the detailing around the waist.

This dress just looks like a lot of fun to wear. The fabric's great and I love the shape of the sleeve.

I'm in love with this coat. I think after you have a leopard print coat the next thing you need is a neon pink satin full skirted trench coat. It goes with anything really. I mean, neon pink is totally the next neutral.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Love Coats

Every fall and winter I get incredibly jealous of all of the girls wearing incredibly cute coats that match the rest of their outfits. I've always been one of those people that has two coats, one for cold days and one for really cold days. And neither are particularly fashionable. Well I decided that this was going to end and have lately become obsessed with coats for the winter and fall. This is a collage of beautiful coats that I lust for but cannot afford.

1. Tory Burch $850: Sadly the cheapest coat here, and also the least coatish. That's what I love about it though, that it looks like a leather ruffled shirt. You could never get away with wearing a leather ruffled shirt, but turn it into a coat and its perfect. This would be amazing while the weather is still above freezing.
2. Burberry $995: I'm in love with this coat even though it's not leather or fur, my current obsessions, and it has 3/4 length sleeves. On a winter coat. It just seems so impractical, but who cares about the lower part of your arms when you look so pretty? Plus it has a hood, imagine how cute you would look wearing the hood while it's lightly snowing. It is the perfect winter white as well.
3. Armani $7,550: Yes I know, it's over seven thousand dollars. There is no way I would ever in my life pay that much for any item of clothing, but look how pretty! Plus it's leather and fur, sherling lamb leather laser cut to look like crocodile. How awesome is that. I think the only way you can get away with charging that much for a coat is if there's a laser involved somewhere.
4. Armani $7,045: Look, it's cheaper than the last one! And also much more fur involved. I also love gray for the fall, not only is it trendy but its such a timeless color that you'd be able to wear this coat forever, and even hand it down as a family heirloom. Not that I'm trying to talk myself into buying this. Its dyed rabbit fur, and rabbit fur is so incredibly soft. I also love love love the giant collar.
5. Armani $3245: A second rabbit fur coat from Armani. This ones more modern looking, and sleeker. I think I like it because it looks similar to a rabbit fur jacket that I made (cough for under $50 cough cough). Armani made some really amazing coats this season. Kudos.
6. Alexander McQueen $5,995: I love this one because it combines three of my favorite jacket trends, fur, leather, and biker chic. I have one of all three but not one that puts them all together. I also love the white and black together, it's such a classic combination so even if the shape of the jacket goes out of style you'll still be able to pull it off. Also, epaulets.

I have personally acquired what I think is a pretty complete fall coat collection. I made a rabbit fur coat last spring so I'm ready for the fur. I also got full length mink coat at a yard sale over the summer for $5, so I will definitely be breaking that out once it gets freezing cold. I have a leather jacket that I got at the thrift store for $10! And a biker jacket from Forever 21 that isn't warm but will be perfect for the next month or so.
Today I also got an amazing leopard print cape which satisfies my need for both a cape and leopard print:

It's not actually as puffy as it looks, the dress I was wearing underneath has a very full skirt. I love love love this cape, plus the fact that its from the 50s and was only $30 makes it all so much better.
I will have a list of my favorite affordable jackets soon, but I had to get this fantasy shopping out of my system. I'll also post some pictures of my jacket collection soon!

Daily Outfit - Birthday!

Today was my birthday! My fiance and I decided to go vintage shopping at the new vintage shops in Harvard Square and it was so much fun. I got some great stuff, including a super cute dress from the 80's, a leopard print cape from the 50s, and some slips/nighties from the 50s. I've wanted a silk nightie ever since I became obsessed with Mad Men. They just seem so glamorous, much more so than regular pajamas. Anyway, I wore my vintage 50s skirt shopping to get in the mood, and as soon as I got the cape I had to wear it. I've been looking for leopard print for awhile now.

Cape: Vintage 50s from Oonas in Harvard Square
Black Skirt: Vintage 50s from the Garment District in Cambridge
Boots: Thrifted
After shopping we went for Birthday dinner and I decided to wear my new dress with my leggings and the cape of course. Unfortunately the cape completely covers the dress ;-).

I Need These Shoes

All From the Versace Spring 2010 Show
Or maybe these ones:
Nevermind, these ones are insane! Love love love:

And of course I'd need a dress to wear with the shoes.
Loving Versace right now.

Wishful Thinking Trends

One of the most fun shows every season is the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada show. She always has the most creative and out there clothes. I don't think you could actually wear them, but I totally would. Especially this one.

It has one of those tunnels you would crawl through as a child attached to it! Wouldn't it be great if all clothes could have toys attached? You would never be bored!

Friday, September 25, 2009

More Fanny Packs!

The D&G show in Milan featured even more fanny packs. I'm pretty sure that means they are definitely a trend for spring. They were also the only part of the show I liked, I'm really not a big fan of entire denim outfits...

But really what is the point of a fanny pack if you're going to carry it? You might as well just use a regular purse.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wishful Thinking Trends

The Louise Goldin show in London had tons of them, in all different colors. I love bloomers. They're so much fun, plus super comfy. They're also something different. You don't see many people walking around in bloomers!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wishful Thinking Trends

From London Fashion Week: Hoop Skirts!
I can't even say how much I love hoop skirts.
Me sad because I can't fit into the awesome hoop skirted costume

So I was very excited when I saw Charles Anastase's spring 2010 collection, with several hoop skirts. The entire collection was also pretty cool, kind of what I would imagine one of the little urchin children from Charles Dickens would wear today.

Wishful Thinking Trends

So when I'm looking for trends from the runway shows the first show I go to is the Marc Jacobs show. So crossing my fingers, a trend for the spring will be...fanny packs!

I mean, let's face it, everyone loves fanny packs. They're incredibly practical. But still, no fanny packs made out of nylon. Those will never be OK.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Daily Outfit

Last winter I made a sweater dress out of sweater fabric I bought from Mood (please, there's no way I have the patience to knit an entire dress). I accidentally made it too short so I wasn't able to wear it then. Then magically I lost some weight which made it long enough to at least be decent to wear, as long as I didn't bend over. Then even more magically I got super cool leggings that went perfectly with the dress! I've been waiting for it to be cool enough to wear it and today it was perfect!

Hat: Vintage
Dress: Self Made
Belt: Thrift Store
Leggings: Forever 21
Shoes: Boring, had them forever
Awesome Painting Behind Me: Thrift store!

An actual cute beach wear look from Project Runway

I had very high hopes for the team of Althea and Louise, mainly because I've loved what they've made so far and they both seem super nice. Anyway, I think my expectations were met (almost). Although I knew from the editing that they'd be stuck in the middle, it usually happens when they are barely shown.

This is adorable and I would wear it to the beach in a minute. I also disagree with Tim that dropping the dress into a skirt was a bad idea. It made a cute skirt and was also super practical if you want to tan for instance. I also love how the bathing suit top works into the top of the dress to make an interesting pattern and overall design. This really is the only look I could actually imagine wearing to the beach.

I really like this dress. The only problem is that I don't see how it connects to the first look. I also don't think it's very avant garde, adding a big train to a dress doesn't really make it avant garde. Otherwise I think the dress is gorgeous. I love the bodice, the gold makes it really beautiful. I also like the mini skirt portion of the bottom, and the way the ruffles overlap. I'd rather they just get rid of the train, but I think it was the only way to even attempt to make it avant garde. Really the failure isn't theirs but the producers. I wish they had known about the avant garde look ahead of time because I think they would have come up with something really amazing.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Worst Project Runway Challenge Ever

This really was one of the worst runway shoes in Project Runway's history and I blame it completely on the producers. I mean, first you should really tell the designers about the avant garde look first. Then maybe we wouldn't have seen piles of crap walking down the runway. Also, it was very unclear whether it was supposed to be a beachwear avant garde outfit or just an avant garde outfit that was related to the beachwear otufit. Personally I think it should have been the second and I think all of the designers (excluding Ramon) did too. Although I don't understand how gowns really qualify as being either related or avant garde. This is probably why Ramon won, even with the cocktail beachwear and illfitting dress.
Ramon (and technically Mitchell's) first dress:

It's a pretty dress, even if it is most definitely not appropriate for the beach. Although it looks like about 30 minutes of work was put into it. Just some twisting and draping of the chiffon and using a belt to get shape. They claimed to Tim that it was going to be sewn down but I kind of doubt that happened.

I mean look at the back. I don't think the uneveness is intentional and if it is that was a bad call. It just looks messy. And not beach messy, just badly designed messy.

Ramon lucked out on this one. First because it was the only one remotely beachy, or even really avante garde. Secondly because this kind of dress can either be thrown together in 30 minutes or carefully draped for hours to achieve the same effect. The only different is that when it's carefully draped you tend not to get the wierd bulges you see from the side:

Even the hooker lace outfit didn't make the model look like she had a penis, plus a saggy butt and boobs.
Overall though it had potential. Plus, I would have given him the win just because of the color in a sea of depressing brown dresses.
Also, Mitchell. Why on earth would you tell the judges you didn't do anything after you know they are just waiting for an excuse to auf you?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Love Shoes

I love shoes, and fall shoes are always the best. Mainly because I've never been a fan of sandals (they always give me blisters) plus I love boots in all forms. These are all of my favorites that I've found so far, although I can't actually afford them.

1) I'm not sure what brand these are but I really love them. I'm into studs on shoes all of a sudden and these definitely deliver.

2) I'm am lusting for these. Of course they're Christian Louboutin and $2,875 so I'm not going to be buying them anytime soon. I can't think of any fall outfit that these wouldn't perfectly compliment. Plus, I love that they're snakeskin but almost look like newspaper. And I love anything with ruffles.

3) These shoes are from Topshop and only $110. I love the shape, it's super fun and they seem pretty comfortable. They're called dancing shoes and that's exactly what I would do in them. Plus suede shoes for fall are fantastic.

4) So so so adorable. They're Nanette Lapore and $395. I love them first because I love anything with a bow. Plus the color is beautiful and so unusual. I could almost justify buying them since I have never owned any shoes that color and I think they would go with just about anything.

5) I needed to have one animal print shoe on my list. They're definitely on trend for the fall, and leopard is always classy. I also like that the leopard only shoes on the little fold, instead of over the whole shoe which can be a little much. The shape is also classic so these can be worn with almost anything. Christian Louboutin $975

6) Every shoe wardrobe has to include a crazy awesome pair of shoes that make a statement all by themselves. This way when you can't think of something to wear you can just throw on all black, the shoes, and you're all set. I also love hot pink shoes, and straps so these are perfect. Well except for the price, Jimmy Choo $1,295.

7) These are my favorite favorite favorite pair of shoes. I am in love with these boots. They are the perfect boots for winter. I love wearing white outerwear in the winter, and with the addition of the fur at the top these would make any outfit completely classy and transformed into a winter wonderland. All'd you need is a white fur coat and you're set. Manolo Blahnik $1,495

Shoe Tutorial - Inspired from the Runway

I really loved these shoes from the Valentino 2009 couture show. Of course I can never actually afford any designer shoes so I decided to find a way to make them myself.

I started by going to the thrift store and finding some cheap plain black heels. I ended up getting a pair for only $5! Then I got some silver spray paint, trim, and glue.

(the second pair of shoes are for a second DIY project that I haven't gotten around to making yet)
First step was spray painting the shoes silver. It didn't turn out exactly like I wanted, but I think I like this way better anyway.

The third step is adding the trim to the shoes.

To do this I first measured where I wanted to the trim to go while wearing the shoes. Once I figured out where to attach the trim in the front I glued it and let it dry overnight (or I might have used velcro because I didn't have the patience to let it dry that long, but I do recommend actually having patience :-P).
After it dries I wrapped the trim over the top of my feet and attached it to the back of the shoes. Again I glued it and let it dry overnight. The final result:

I love love love them and actually wear them a lot.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of School Outfit

I know that in college there isn't the same drive to pick out a special first day of school outfit, but come on, it's so much fun. Today was the first day of classes (kind of, technically it's shopping period) so I wore my special first day of school outfit.

Cropped Jacket: Express
Tank Top: Express
Skirt: Self-Made
Boots: JS by Jessica Simpson (I know but they're so cute!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Daily Outfit

Today was the annual Kirkland opening ceremonies, which includes parading around with a fife and drum band followed by a BBQ. So of course I needed to get a picture with one of the minutemen, who seemed very confused about why I wanted a picture.

My dress is vintage from Oona's in Harvard Square.