Monday, April 27, 2009

Bitter Melon!

Mitch has been raving about how good bitter melon is since I've known him. Apparently they only have it in very few Chinese food restaurants, although we recently found out that even if it's not on the menu and you just ask they'll make it for you. Those liars. I tried it for the first time on Easter and OMG they are so bitter. Combine the bitterness from kale, broccoli rabe, and Guinness and you'll get a fraction of the bitterness. I am determined to try new things multiple times though, so while we were in China town yesterday we got some bitter melons and Mitch taught me how to make them.

First you buy the bitter melon.

Then you cut off the ends, cut it in half and end up with this loveliness in the middle, which you should promptly scoop out with a spoon and end up with this.

You then cut those pieces in half so they'll fit in the pot and boil for 5 minutes. Afterward rinse them off in cold water ALOT so you can actually touch them.

Then you slice them and put them into a frying pan for 8 minutes. You also add about half a cup of water which should evaporate by the time they're all done.

Then you're done! Just add whatever sauce you like and whatever meat you like. Beef is the best, we just had it plain with black bean sauce (I think). I recommend eating it with beer since it takes the bitterness away a bit. Enjoy! And you have to try it at least three times!

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