Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Christmas Tree Shop is Amazing!

I was at the Christmas Tree Shop again with Mitch so he could get another Batman headboard. While we were there he found a candle thing for a table that was $1 and I bet him that I could find something better. And I found this:

A completely adorable dog with a bouncy head named Rufus. Unfortunately for the bet he was $1.99 so he couldn't win it for me. But something special about Rufus made it impossible for me to not get him.

Yes, he only has one ear. I fell prey to what I call "ugly beanie baby syndrome". Back when beanie babies were popular and there were always carts of them at the mall, I would look at one that was just hideous, mention that it was hideous and wonder why anyone would ever buy it and go to walk away. Then I though why WOULD anyone ever buy it? It's just going to sit out on this cart wasting away, unwanted. And I would end up buying it. This is how I acquired about 20 of the ugliest beanie babies ever made. And how I got Rufus. But seriously, how could I resist?

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