Friday, April 10, 2009

Awesome Stuff I Got From Cleaning Out An Apartment - Etiquette

During the clean out my cousin was tasked with cleaning out the bookshelf. I heard my aunt tell her to just throw everything away because no one could possibly want it. As soon as I heard that I ran into the room to see what there was. And I found some hilarious old books. My favorite is this etiquette book from 1950.

It's the New Etiquette by Margery Wilson. Here's some of the table of contents:

My favorite chapter is the one on doors, especially this passage:
Yet the mere touch of the doorknob seems to remind the leaver of all he meant to say while he was comfortably seated in the living room. So he clings to the knob for support, as though fearing he might drown if he let go and plunged out into the world. Such a person should practice letting go of a doorknob in the privacy of his bedroom until it no longer seems so impossible of accomplishment.
It's good to know that other people have this problem and that someone has come up with a solution!
I've only actually skimmed the book so far, but it's amazing.

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