Monday, March 2, 2009

The Lazy Sweater

I've tried to learn to knit multiple times and everytime I've given up before I made anything. I'm a very impatient person and knitting takes soo long. Not only that but it takes soo long for what your making to even look like something other than a swatch of knitted fabric. I crochet scarves with thick yarn, that's the furthest I've been able to go.
So I found the lazy way to make a sweater. Go to Mood Fabrics and buy the knitted fabric! Then you can just sew it into a sweater in a fraction of the time!
Here's mine.

I had been looking for a cardigan-esque sweater with a tie in the front for awhile and eventually just decided to make one. Along with a sweater dress which I'll post as soon as I get a chance to press it out.
Right now it's too cold to wear alone so I wear it with a long sleeve shirt underneath. I'm going to put buttons on eventually so I can close it but right now I kind of like it open. Also I have to figure out what buttons would look best.
Anyway, I love it and would never have had the patience to actually knit it myself!

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