Monday, March 2, 2009

Monster Arm Milan

So last week at London fashion week Giles Deacon's show included what looked like giant monster fur arm warmers. Compared to last seasons Pac Man hats this was pretty tame and almost normal. At least when you only see them once.
Looking at the Milan shows I found that apparently scary monster fur arms are a new trend! Seriously. They appeared multiple times in over half of the shows.
Aquilano Rimondi
I mean, they do look warm. But wouldn't a coat made entirely out of fur be even warmer? Maybe this way is cheaper, their way of responding to the recession.

Roberto Cavalli
This one is even stranger. The fur arms are attached to a sweater. Not even a full sweater, a belly showing sweater. I'm pretty sure there's no place where your arms would be freezing but your belly is hot.
Salvatore Ferragamo
Attached to a blouse, I'm guessing so you can look like a monster in the office.
Scariest variation:
It looks like she has gorilla hands! Why would anyone ever want to look like they had gorilla hands.
I like crazy things, but mostly for the reason that crazy things are usually unique. Monster arms are no longer unique if everyone is doing them. It's just weird.

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