Thursday, March 5, 2009

Terrifying Fashion

Gareth Pugh showed in Paris yesterday and I was excited to see his show after his spring '09 show featuring robot-esque clothes.

Instead of a traditional runway show he made a video featuring his fall line. It was TERRIFYING!

I honestly couldn't get through the whole thing. The video itself was impressive but the clothes were underwhelming. Especially compared to what he did earlier. At first I thought this was a silly way to show your clothes if you actually want to sell them, considering you couldn't really even see them. Then I realized, not many people actually buy these things, and his target customer is Beyonce as far as I can tell. It's probably a good way to show that his clothes are still theatrical even when they don't make you look like a robot.
Also, he's coming out with a line of shoes. I'm so hoping they're based on his last collection.

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