Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thrifting! and Shoes!

I took my first thrifting adventure last weekend at a thrift store in Waltham and I honestly wished I had discovered this earlier. There were hundreds of shoes and ALL of them were only $4! So much fun just trying on shoes without worrying about the price. Here are the awesome shoes I got there.

These are amazingly comfortable and I've already gotten compliments on them during the many times I've worn them. And for $4!

I have no idea when or with what I'll be able to wear these with but come on, bright red ankle boots. Must have.
The other day I went to the Garment District in Cambridge. Unfortunately I could only stay for an hour because the parking meters are a quarter for 15 minutes! How outrageous is that. I'm planning a trip back where I take the train so I can stay for much longer. I did find the most amazing shoes.

So amazing. I'm planning on just wearing them all the time. Also, much cooler than the Topshop ridiculously priced shoes. Double win!

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