Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Hilarity Of Mychael Knight's Performance

I'm sorry but after his horrendous Bryant Park collection I'm unsure why they brought him back for this. I know he was a fan favorite but I was not a fan. He seemed to get smug after getting through to the final four and I hate that. And since it seems like he's just been making a perfume line since his appearance, which isn't exactly designing, I don't know why the producers felt that he would have evolved at all. But I was glad they did because so much hilarity came out of his appearance, mostly because of the editing.
First of all, if his name wasn't right underneath his face I would not have known who this was.

Secondly his collection was so so unbelievably bad, especially in comparison to everyone elses. The funniest part was when he was talking to Tim Gunn and they kept trying to keep his hideous yellow top out of the screen. Because if that was seen in full view it would have been more than obvious that he had no chance of winning.

Here is the quick shot of the outfit, which let's face it is amateur and ugly looking.

This is the most of the outfit you see during the Tim critique, and he never actually addresses that outfit. Clearly they tried very hard to hide it from view.
And the look on the runway:

There's really nothing to say. It doesn't fit, it's ugly, you could find it at a cheapo discount store.

To give credit where it's due this dress is cute. I like the origami like effect and the color's nice. It no where near makes up for the hideousness of the last look though. Not sure why she's carrying an oversized envelope though.

This look is so wrong. Especially because Nina actually praised it, I'm so hoping that the producers made her because otherwise she has lost all fashion credibility with me.
It's as basic a dress that you can make, skin tight jersey. Plus the color's hideous, it clashes with that strange yellow belt thing. The little cropped jacket is even worse. It has visible shoulder pads, you can see the outline through the fabric, not surprising considering how thin the fabric is. This would be laughed off of any red carpet, it could be bought for under $20 at one of those tacky stores with the mannequins wearing only jeans in the windows.
I'm not even going to post the restaurant look, it's just ridiculous.


  1. I just found you through Craftster and your shoe recon which is awesome... but I had to comment because I COMPLETELY agree about the hideous pink dress! I was seriously wondering if someone slipped Nina something that day. It might be ok in Target's summer collection, but even still... it is by no means high fashion, original, or nice to look at.

  2. Thanks. I'm honestly baffled by the judging so far this season, I expect more for Nina!