Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why Korto Did Not Deserve Second Place (and certainly not the win)

I know that I have a personality bias against Korto (seriously I can't stand her) but even so I do not think she even deserved to be in the top. The challenge was to make a collection. What she made was not a collection even in the loosest terms. None of the looks seemed like they went together at all. The shapes were different, the fabrics were all different, there was no real color story. Also, all of her clothes were incredibly derivative of her Bryant Park collection, which wasn't all that innovative itself.
First Look:

It's a cute dress, but that's pretty much it. I like the skirt, but overall it looks exactly like what she did for Bryant Park and with the judges stressing evolution so much I cannot understand how she got to second place.
Second Look:

This look is just ugly. The waist is crazy unflattering, the zipper wasn't put in well, and the vest is just incredibly ill-fitting. When people say that she shouldn't have won because the judges said nothing bad about her I think that they don't realize that we don't hear the entire judging. There is no way they didn't say something about the ill-fitting pants and vest. No Way. Plus the fabric is so blah. And this look has absolutely nothing to do with the previous one. In a collection of only four pieces they have to all be cohesive and yet there was no cohesion between any of her pieces. I refuse to believe that didn't come up in judging.

This dress is pretty if you ignore the breast area (which lifetime apparently decided to do). It didn't actually fit there and made that section look wonky. Like most of Korto's designs, I hate hate hate how she treats the boob area. The dresses either don't fit or the boobs don't match. It's just so unflattering. I mean look at this:

I dare you to say that that's flattering. Also, again this dress has absolutely nothing to do with the previous two looks.
And finally the restaurant look that everyone put on a pedestal even though it really didn't deserve to be there.

The bottom is pretty and doesn't look like it was made from restaurant materials. Although I will say it's just pretty, the judges went overboard praising her for this. It's not that far of a jump to see stones in a vase that look like beads and then use them like beads. Plus the top looks exactly like what it is, placemats. There is no way this could be worn to a movie premiere like Heidi suggested. Also, I'm still not sure which one her red carpet look was.
All in all, she should have been out immediately for not answering the challenge, she did not make a collection, she made four random pieces that did not fit together in the least. My opinion is that the judges wanted to build her hopes up because they knew if she came in second again she'd be just as cranky as she was last time and she did not dissapoint.

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