Thursday, August 27, 2009


For my website I was putting together looks inspired from the Fall 2009 runways. When I made my Biker Chic look I honestly fell in love.

So I may have gone out and purchased almost the entire look. I got the metallic faux leather biker jacket from Forever 21 which isn't exactly the one shown but pretty close, I'll post a picture once I get one of me wearing it. Love love love though. I also felt that I needed faux leatherish leggings, which Forever 21 also had!

These are seriously amazing and somehow insanely flattering. They actually make me look like I have a butt! I debuted them at the SF convention I went to last weekend and they were a big hit. I think I feel comfortable enough to wear them in real life, although not without a long enough shirt to cover my butt yet.
I really have fashion ADD. This style is so different from what I was wearing all summer but I figure it's fall, time to have some fun. Plus it's my last semester at Harvard, why not stand out?

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