Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why Chris Should Have Come In At Least Second

There are many reasons but the main one is he was the one with an actual collection! Yes it may have been repetitive because of his overuse of the same fabric, but that was nowhere near the only reason his collection was cohesive. The styling and shapes all were clearly from the same designer for the same collection. Plus, if the judges were looking for evolution as a designer he unquestionably should the most growth of anyone.

Apart from the boots this look is amazing. And the boots couldn't have been entirely his fault as they only had a certain amount to choose from. The plain gray dress underneath is super cute, I love the sleeves especially and could even be worn by itself. I also love the plaid vest like thing over it, reminds me of a Jedi in a good way. Plus the styling is so cool and definitely high fashion. The hood is interesting and orange tights are just awesome always.

I want want want this dress/jacket/whatever. I would wear it constantly. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

This one's definitely not perfect, but I actually liked it better than Korto's. The skirt's fun and is something I'd actually wear. The bust is crazy but no more unflattering than Korto's. Placemats do not make for flattering clothes, there's really nothing to be done about that. It also actually fit in with the rest of his looks with is something that cannot be said for Korto's.

This was the problem of the collection. It's extremely hard and maybe impossible to make a red carpet dress out of wool, but Michael Kors is the one who said there are no rules anymore so shouldn't that count for wool evening dresses as well as Daniel's short dress? Nicole Kidman couldn't pull this off (I think she'd collapse under the weight) but it's incredibly unlikely that she'll actually wear any of the looks. There are several actresses that could pull that off, especially with a little tweaking around the hips.
I so wish that he could have beaten out Korto. He seemed so grateful for all the praise he did get, and never came across as entitled and smug like so many other of them.

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  1. great post! I could not agree more that Cris deserved much more recognition that he got. I relay thought that he should have won. He was the only one in the top who had a good collection. And his restaurant dress was amazing!