Friday, November 20, 2009

Grump Project Runway Grump

So Irina won Project Runway. Honestly, I'm not surprised but that doesn't mean I still can't be dissapointed. My favorite collection was Carol Hannah's and I really wish that sometimes the designers would just reward prettiness. Her's was what I would wear everyday if I could wear anything. Althea's was even extremely wearable. Shouldn't that trump "showmanship"? They already got a designer who performs on the runway (Christian) shouldn't they look for a designer who can start a real business and get their clothes out there? Grump to you judges. Also, Irina's t-shirts really seemed to give her an edge, Nina said something along the lines of they showed her individuality. But then I read this on Project Rungay, . Interesting isn't it? Anyway I completely disagree. Again. If anything she should have lost based on her hats.

Anyway, I'm going to tear apart the collections soon, hopefully. My laptop broke, sadness, so I'm dependent on my fiance's for the time being.

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