Sunday, November 22, 2009

Project Runway Finale - Carol Hannah - Part 1

Carol Hannah's collection was definitely my favorite, probably because it was most my style. I love feminine and pretty dresses, and wish that the judges would value that ascetic more.
Look 1:

This dress is beautiful, too bad Lifetime doesn't have a picture of the side of the dress (grump grump). The draping of the material is amazing, so are the details that you don't really see well on tv. The colors are fantastic together and overall it is just really flattering.
Look 2:

Love love love this skirt. It's so much fun while still being wearable and flattering. Pairing it with a plain top was also a good move because it puts all of the focus on the skirt. The color is also beautiful and subtle. I wish she had gotten more credit for her use of color.
Look 3:

The top is super cute, even with all of the rope details I still think it's flattering. Paired with jeans it could be a great casual look. I'm not a big fan of the pants, they bunch up in a strange way around the ankle.
Look 4:

And clunk. I like that she seemed to be trying something different but I just felt that it was an unflattering shape. Plus it was boring compared to other things she did.
Look 5:

Love this dress. It is an interesting shape at the top and still flattering. Plus the color is gorgeous. I would buy this and just wear it every day if I could. She also did a great job of picking the fabric, it moved beautifully.
Look 6:

I have pretty much the same to say about this dress. The fit is fantastic and I love the detailing and how it cascades down the dress and meshes with the bottom.
That's all for now, looks 7 - 13 coming tomorrow.

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