Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Project Runway Recap - Episode 11

I know I'm late with my recap, but I didn't have any place to watch the episode until yesterday! Torture!
Anyway, I really wasn't missing much. The producers really tried to elicit drama with the accusations of cheating but it was really a pretty boring episode. The challenge was to make a look to accompany their best look. Everyone's winning looks were up there...except Logan's. Because he hasn't even had a look in the top three yet. I think we know who's going home this week. Unless he comes up with something amazing he better be going home, it's seriously a joke that he's still there. Actually we all know who's going to be the final three, right now it's just a matter of waiting for that. I don't even feel like watching next week because I know exactly who will be eliminated.
The Outfits:

Althea's winner. I liked it, I probably would have loved it if her model was wearing a bra. Honestly how has no one said anything about that? But the pants were kind of awesome, I loved the bottom detail. Also, the sweater looks super comfy while still being fashionable, it didn't overwhelm. I agree with Heidi, I totally want that sweater.

Carol Hannah's. It's super cute. I love the length and the volume of the skirt. The bodice was also really interesting. I also really like pockets in dresses. Also, I don't know how she could be criticized about the boob issue when it wasn't even mentioned with Althea's.

Irina's. Tacky. I completely agree with Nina, and this is why Michael Kor's and Nina need to be there. Of course Heidi is going to like tight and short, and Nick has slight taste issues. The sweater's nice, but it kind of relies on the hideous belt. I have no idea why she came in second.

Christopher's. They should have just eliminated all three of the bottom people this week. This is so bad. It had some potential, I think if he used like a quarter of the petals and took off the bottom ruffles completely it could have been cute.

Gordana's. I really thought she was going home after they showed that picture of her and her family. Anytime they do a sad backstory you know that person is going to be in trouble. And she was. And she should have been. Her jacket was the saddest thing I've ever seen. Why would she combine grey, with a limp collar, and horrible styling choices? I have no idea why she wasn't eliminated. At least Logan's didn't make me cry.

Logan's. There was just too much of everything. Plus, at this point using zippers isn't creative, it's incredibly derivative. Especially when someone just did it in the last challenge. He had the be eliminated anyway for two things, that collar and the fact that he was the only one without a winning look to work off of.
Next week we'll watch Gordana and Christopher get kicked off! (just a guess...)

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