Saturday, October 24, 2009

Urban Outfitters is Evil

I went to Urban Outfitters last night and was treated to some awful behavior by the sales staff. I went their intending to try and find the clothes I used in my online styling from Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately I could only find the hat and sweater, so I went to find a skirt that had a similar vibe and try on the whole outfit.

Here I'm wearing my own Ralph Lauren shoes and then two pieces from Urban Outfitters.
This sweater is the same from before and the skirt is not actually online. This is what happened when I went to try on the outfit with the hat (which I was not allowed to bring in the dressing room because I might steal it? In my tiny tiny purse?).

I was going to have my fiance take a picture of me outside of the dressing room when two staff members rushed over and yelled that we weren't allowed to take pictures in the store. Not even told nicely that it was store policy, we were attacked. Mitch didn't care and took a picture of me walking back into the room, so I don't have any good pictures of the outfit with the hat.
Ultimately the sweater and hat were still cute, but the sweater did not go with the skirt I found. Also, I am definitely never going back to shop there again. You would think that in this economy customer service would be highly valued but apparently not at Urban Outfitters, at least the one in Harvard Square.

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