Saturday, June 20, 2009

Flying Purple People Eater

Shirt: Thrifted in Waltham
Skirt: Self-made
Belt: Chinatown booth
Shoes: I've had them forever and never worn them before

I got this shirt about a month ago and haven't worn it yet so I felt like I had to find a way to wear it today. I decided to go for all different shades of purple, plus my awesome silver sparkly skirt that I made and love. I love it even more now that I've lost weight and it's actually a wearable length! Also, I found these shoes the other day and decided I really liked them with this outfit.
It was also the perfect outfit for today. I got all of the financial aid I asked for and was actually finally able to register for classes. I'm taking science fiction because hello, I just had a dream about Captain Kirk plus you get to write a science fiction story for one of the papers. Plus I'm taking website design because it's graded completely on projects and Mitch guarateed I'd get an A. And I guess it will be a useful skill to have :-P.

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