Thursday, June 4, 2009

Attempting to Curl My Hair

My hair does not curl. I can use a whole can of hairspray after using my curling iron and an hour later it will be limp and gross. But then I remembered back to when I had recitals when I was little and my mother would use rollers that stayed in your hair all night and actually did make my hair curly. So in an experiment for the 50s party on Friday night I attempted to use rag curlers yesterday.

Here's the attempt.

And since I would have to wear them on the bus I tried to cover it with a scarf. I'm rather skeptical.
In the end it kind of worked, but I think it would work better if I left them in longer since when I took them out my hair was still rather damp. I think I'm going to try actual rollers that are meant to be worn with wet hair since I have no coordination when it comes to my hair.

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