Monday, June 1, 2009

Yard Sale Hunting

Last weekend I passed by a dozen yard sales and realized it's finally yard sale season! So this past Sunday I drove around Waltham looking for yard sales and ended up finding two. Here are some of my finds, mostly costume jewelry which was exactly what I was looking for!

Pretty earrings I can even wear to work, bonus!

Even more earrings.

An awesome red plastic necklace that I love.

Seriously, isn't this the coolest pin ever?! Almost as good as the elephant belt. I got it even though I never ever wear pins. I will find a way to wear this one. Maybe sneak it on to my work uniform...

The best purchase of the day, a replica Bowie knife!!! I have it hanging by my bed in case of intruders :-P.
All and all a very successful day. I also got a cute yellow teapot, a huge coat that I'm determined to make into a cute jacket, and some heat up hair curlers. It ended up costing about $15 total.

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