Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An actual cute beach wear look from Project Runway

I had very high hopes for the team of Althea and Louise, mainly because I've loved what they've made so far and they both seem super nice. Anyway, I think my expectations were met (almost). Although I knew from the editing that they'd be stuck in the middle, it usually happens when they are barely shown.

This is adorable and I would wear it to the beach in a minute. I also disagree with Tim that dropping the dress into a skirt was a bad idea. It made a cute skirt and was also super practical if you want to tan for instance. I also love how the bathing suit top works into the top of the dress to make an interesting pattern and overall design. This really is the only look I could actually imagine wearing to the beach.

I really like this dress. The only problem is that I don't see how it connects to the first look. I also don't think it's very avant garde, adding a big train to a dress doesn't really make it avant garde. Otherwise I think the dress is gorgeous. I love the bodice, the gold makes it really beautiful. I also like the mini skirt portion of the bottom, and the way the ruffles overlap. I'd rather they just get rid of the train, but I think it was the only way to even attempt to make it avant garde. Really the failure isn't theirs but the producers. I wish they had known about the avant garde look ahead of time because I think they would have come up with something really amazing.

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