Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Love Coats

Every fall and winter I get incredibly jealous of all of the girls wearing incredibly cute coats that match the rest of their outfits. I've always been one of those people that has two coats, one for cold days and one for really cold days. And neither are particularly fashionable. Well I decided that this was going to end and have lately become obsessed with coats for the winter and fall. This is a collage of beautiful coats that I lust for but cannot afford.

1. Tory Burch $850: Sadly the cheapest coat here, and also the least coatish. That's what I love about it though, that it looks like a leather ruffled shirt. You could never get away with wearing a leather ruffled shirt, but turn it into a coat and its perfect. This would be amazing while the weather is still above freezing.
2. Burberry $995: I'm in love with this coat even though it's not leather or fur, my current obsessions, and it has 3/4 length sleeves. On a winter coat. It just seems so impractical, but who cares about the lower part of your arms when you look so pretty? Plus it has a hood, imagine how cute you would look wearing the hood while it's lightly snowing. It is the perfect winter white as well.
3. Armani $7,550: Yes I know, it's over seven thousand dollars. There is no way I would ever in my life pay that much for any item of clothing, but look how pretty! Plus it's leather and fur, sherling lamb leather laser cut to look like crocodile. How awesome is that. I think the only way you can get away with charging that much for a coat is if there's a laser involved somewhere.
4. Armani $7,045: Look, it's cheaper than the last one! And also much more fur involved. I also love gray for the fall, not only is it trendy but its such a timeless color that you'd be able to wear this coat forever, and even hand it down as a family heirloom. Not that I'm trying to talk myself into buying this. Its dyed rabbit fur, and rabbit fur is so incredibly soft. I also love love love the giant collar.
5. Armani $3245: A second rabbit fur coat from Armani. This ones more modern looking, and sleeker. I think I like it because it looks similar to a rabbit fur jacket that I made (cough for under $50 cough cough). Armani made some really amazing coats this season. Kudos.
6. Alexander McQueen $5,995: I love this one because it combines three of my favorite jacket trends, fur, leather, and biker chic. I have one of all three but not one that puts them all together. I also love the white and black together, it's such a classic combination so even if the shape of the jacket goes out of style you'll still be able to pull it off. Also, epaulets.

I have personally acquired what I think is a pretty complete fall coat collection. I made a rabbit fur coat last spring so I'm ready for the fur. I also got full length mink coat at a yard sale over the summer for $5, so I will definitely be breaking that out once it gets freezing cold. I have a leather jacket that I got at the thrift store for $10! And a biker jacket from Forever 21 that isn't warm but will be perfect for the next month or so.
Today I also got an amazing leopard print cape which satisfies my need for both a cape and leopard print:

It's not actually as puffy as it looks, the dress I was wearing underneath has a very full skirt. I love love love this cape, plus the fact that its from the 50s and was only $30 makes it all so much better.
I will have a list of my favorite affordable jackets soon, but I had to get this fantasy shopping out of my system. I'll also post some pictures of my jacket collection soon!

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