Saturday, September 26, 2009

Daily Outfit - Birthday!

Today was my birthday! My fiance and I decided to go vintage shopping at the new vintage shops in Harvard Square and it was so much fun. I got some great stuff, including a super cute dress from the 80's, a leopard print cape from the 50s, and some slips/nighties from the 50s. I've wanted a silk nightie ever since I became obsessed with Mad Men. They just seem so glamorous, much more so than regular pajamas. Anyway, I wore my vintage 50s skirt shopping to get in the mood, and as soon as I got the cape I had to wear it. I've been looking for leopard print for awhile now.

Cape: Vintage 50s from Oonas in Harvard Square
Black Skirt: Vintage 50s from the Garment District in Cambridge
Boots: Thrifted
After shopping we went for Birthday dinner and I decided to wear my new dress with my leggings and the cape of course. Unfortunately the cape completely covers the dress ;-).

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