Monday, September 7, 2009

Worst Project Runway Challenge Ever

This really was one of the worst runway shoes in Project Runway's history and I blame it completely on the producers. I mean, first you should really tell the designers about the avant garde look first. Then maybe we wouldn't have seen piles of crap walking down the runway. Also, it was very unclear whether it was supposed to be a beachwear avant garde outfit or just an avant garde outfit that was related to the beachwear otufit. Personally I think it should have been the second and I think all of the designers (excluding Ramon) did too. Although I don't understand how gowns really qualify as being either related or avant garde. This is probably why Ramon won, even with the cocktail beachwear and illfitting dress.
Ramon (and technically Mitchell's) first dress:

It's a pretty dress, even if it is most definitely not appropriate for the beach. Although it looks like about 30 minutes of work was put into it. Just some twisting and draping of the chiffon and using a belt to get shape. They claimed to Tim that it was going to be sewn down but I kind of doubt that happened.

I mean look at the back. I don't think the uneveness is intentional and if it is that was a bad call. It just looks messy. And not beach messy, just badly designed messy.

Ramon lucked out on this one. First because it was the only one remotely beachy, or even really avante garde. Secondly because this kind of dress can either be thrown together in 30 minutes or carefully draped for hours to achieve the same effect. The only different is that when it's carefully draped you tend not to get the wierd bulges you see from the side:

Even the hooker lace outfit didn't make the model look like she had a penis, plus a saggy butt and boobs.
Overall though it had potential. Plus, I would have given him the win just because of the color in a sea of depressing brown dresses.
Also, Mitchell. Why on earth would you tell the judges you didn't do anything after you know they are just waiting for an excuse to auf you?

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