Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Love Shoes

I love shoes, and fall shoes are always the best. Mainly because I've never been a fan of sandals (they always give me blisters) plus I love boots in all forms. These are all of my favorites that I've found so far, although I can't actually afford them.

1) I'm not sure what brand these are but I really love them. I'm into studs on shoes all of a sudden and these definitely deliver.

2) I'm am lusting for these. Of course they're Christian Louboutin and $2,875 so I'm not going to be buying them anytime soon. I can't think of any fall outfit that these wouldn't perfectly compliment. Plus, I love that they're snakeskin but almost look like newspaper. And I love anything with ruffles.

3) These shoes are from Topshop and only $110. I love the shape, it's super fun and they seem pretty comfortable. They're called dancing shoes and that's exactly what I would do in them. Plus suede shoes for fall are fantastic.

4) So so so adorable. They're Nanette Lapore and $395. I love them first because I love anything with a bow. Plus the color is beautiful and so unusual. I could almost justify buying them since I have never owned any shoes that color and I think they would go with just about anything.

5) I needed to have one animal print shoe on my list. They're definitely on trend for the fall, and leopard is always classy. I also like that the leopard only shoes on the little fold, instead of over the whole shoe which can be a little much. The shape is also classic so these can be worn with almost anything. Christian Louboutin $975

6) Every shoe wardrobe has to include a crazy awesome pair of shoes that make a statement all by themselves. This way when you can't think of something to wear you can just throw on all black, the shoes, and you're all set. I also love hot pink shoes, and straps so these are perfect. Well except for the price, Jimmy Choo $1,295.

7) These are my favorite favorite favorite pair of shoes. I am in love with these boots. They are the perfect boots for winter. I love wearing white outerwear in the winter, and with the addition of the fur at the top these would make any outfit completely classy and transformed into a winter wonderland. All'd you need is a white fur coat and you're set. Manolo Blahnik $1,495

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