Sunday, September 27, 2009


Iceberg, designed by Paulo Germani, produced a collection inspired by Mickey Mouse! In Milan! Not London where most of the crazy shows (catepillar tunnel dress...) are put on. I personally loved it. The clothes that didn't feature the mouse were completely wearable and amazing too.

I love that someone finally did this. The shoulders that are on trend right now do look completely like Mickey's ears, so why not put the top of his head as the bodice for a dress?

I love the Mickey heads covering her nipples in the sheer shirt. It's a great contradiction between the innocence of the cartoon character and the naughtiness of a sheer shirt. Plus the skirt is beautiful.

It's like the hidden Mickey game you play on the Walt Disney website. Can you find it here? (hint, it's on the hotpants)

This was the first of the non-Mickey looks that I loved. Its a perfect girly suit, and I love the detailing around the waist.

This dress just looks like a lot of fun to wear. The fabric's great and I love the shape of the sleeve.

I'm in love with this coat. I think after you have a leopard print coat the next thing you need is a neon pink satin full skirted trench coat. It goes with anything really. I mean, neon pink is totally the next neutral.

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