Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I finally realized that since it's cold in New England for what seems like 90% of the time, I should probably accumulate a wardrobe of cute coats. So far I have three that I loooooove.

This leather jacket I got at the thrift store for $10! I'm pretty sure they didn't realize that it was real leather. It also fit perfectly, so I had to get it.

My fiance got me rabbit fur for my birthday and after a long while I produced this coat. It took so long because the fabric was so pretty and soft I was scared to cut into it. Anyway I love how it came out and wear it any time it's cold enough and not raining. It's incredibly warm and soft.

This is my latest acquisition, a leopard print cape from the 1950's. I've been looking for a cape and a leopard jacket so this one fit both! It's also super comfy, but not very practical for very cold days because of the large armholes. I do love that it's vintage and definitely has a 50s feel to it.

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