Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One Stop Shopping - Forever 21

When I used to go shopping with my mother she would always make me buy entire outfits at one store if I found something I liked. Her reasoning was that what if you can't find anything to go with it? Then you shouldn't buy it. Now it's useful to be able to buy an entire outfit in one store because it's faster and easier if you need to get an entire outfit. So here's an outfit I picked with all the clothes from Forever 21.

Sexy Date Night Outfit

I love this outfit. The sweater has a military jacket edge to it, which is very in right now. The fact that it's a cardigan takes away the hardness. It also goes great with the skirt, which I love. It's cute and feminine, but also sexy which is perfect for a date.
Cardigan: $22.80
Skirt: $32
Necklace: $12.80
Purse: $7.50
Shoes: $10.50
Total: $85.60

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