Thursday, October 22, 2009


8 episodes into this show and I'm officially hooked. It's really an amazing show with great potential (some of the storylines are slightly frustrating and some characters are completely one dimensional). But the musical numbers are fantastic and so much fun. There really aren't enough fun shows on the air. However there is something else that really adds a pop to the show and that's the fashion. It's what gives the show it's whimsy and it really is done perfectly.
Episode 8 Fashion:
First there's Emma, the school guidance counselor. She's adorable and with her clothes she looks almost like what a cartoon guidance counselor would look like. She had some great fashion moments this episode.

First is her guidance counselor look. It's so adorable. The color blue is beautiful and the flower pin makes the whole look come together.

This is wedding dress number one, borrowed from her cousin who had her wedding when they were obsessed with Princess Di's dress. It's very unfortunate, but the picture of her walking down the hall with the long train is gorgeous. The dress also plays a part in the plot, causing Will to trip and Emma to fall on top of him. Fashion as plot, it's so great.

This dress is perfection on her. She looks beautiful and the dress completely fits with her character.
Secondly we have Rachel.

This outfit is perfect for the overachieving perfectionist who still wants to look good so boys (Finn) will notice her. It's a great combination of serious school girl with whimsy in the sleeves and the pink of the skirt.
Best of all is Sue in her Zoot Suit. You really can't blame her for not knowing only the guys wore them.

This picture is the epitome of Sue, eccentric, kind of out of touch with reality (come on, any Sue Sees It clips will assure you of that). Also, this scene wouldn't have been so touching without the Zoot suit. It just made the whole scene more uncomfortable.
Overall I love the fashions on this show. It's almost like Pushing Daises where the clothing was almost as important to the show as the plot.

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