Sunday, October 18, 2009

DIY from the Runway

When I saw these shoes

at the Louis Vuitton show my first thought was that I needed them. Then I realized they'd never actually mass produce them. But then I finally realized that I could totally DIY them!
I started with a plain black pair of high heeled sandals, $5 from the thrift store, orginally from Banana Republic.


And of course nail polish:

First I attached the nail polish (it helps to file the glass of the bottle to get it to stick better), with krazy glue, to the t-strap of the sandal. Luckily in this case it was the exact same size:

Then I started attaching the rhinestones, one by one, to the ankle strap that did not have the holes in it.

Close Up:

When I was done with that I was going to attach feathers to the front but thought it looked a little cheesy. So instead I attached more rhinestones because you can never have too many. Here is the finished product, slightly more elegant than the original inspiration:


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