Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween 2008

Last Halloween my fiance and I decided to do a couples outfit and make them ourselves. First we took a look at our combined interests at the time which were lego Star Wars and Project Runway. So we decided to combine those to make a costume.

I was Heidi Klum dressing up as a Gonk droid from Lego Star Wars. I made the pink dress and Mitch made the Gonk Droid costume and got the wig. I loved it, no one know what I was.

Mitch was Tim Gunn as a Jedi! I made him a jedi robe out of pinstripe suit material and a Jedi tabbard or something out of sweater vest material. He wore suit clothes underneath and carried his awesome light saber.

And finally we had to dress our cat Crystal up. She went as a tiger.

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