Thursday, October 22, 2009

Project Runway

Last week on Project Runway cutie pie Shirin was eliminated for her couture witches costume, while Carol Hannah won with her gown. For a stage look. Ok, whatever judges I guess when you have what you had up there you have to make tough choices.
On to this week. Both Carol Hannah and Nicolas have interviews right off the bat. I have a feeling one of them will be in trouble... Also, what is Gordana wearing? She should be kicked off for that alone.
Come on Gordana, you're a DESIGNER
Their challenge is going to be announced by Tim Gunn in the store of a world renowned designer with a store on Rodeo Drive. Althea says it could be anyone. It turns out to be...Micheal Kors. You know they were all a little bit disappointed.
I mean, Nicolas doesn't exactly look blown away.
Not that Michael Kors isn't amazing, I'd just rather him in the judges chair. For the challenge they will have to design a look based on one of his favorite locales, New York, Hollywood, Greece, St. Tropez, Aspen, Sante Fe (a little confused about this one, not gonna lie), and Palm Beach. We get:
Carol Hannah: Palm Beach
Nicolas: Greece (Not NYC because it's too easy for him, he wants a challenge. I do not see anything good coming out of this).
Althea: St. Tropez
Gordana: New York City
Irina: Aspen (outerwear is one of her specialties it seems)
Christopher: Santa Fe

Because nothing says fashion design inspiration like a dead animal skull on a stick. Lovely.
Logan: Hollywood
They then get 30 minutes to sketch, $150, and until the end of the day to finish.
The boys seem to be struggling right off the bat. Christopher's looks fit for an amish person to wear (which was bitchy of Irina to say, true, but also right on the mark). Nicolas doesn't seem to know what people wear in Greece which makes me wonder why he chose it to begin with.
Gordana spent all but $30 on the materials for the neckpiece/necklace. This isn't good when you're making a park avenue dress. It's hard to make $30 look expensive and you know Heidi will jump down your throat for that!
The Final Looks:
Logan and Hollywood:
I really don't see Hollywood in this at all. Maybe if the jeans weren't white
and he took away the suspenders away altogether. But they woud still be just
clothes, not fashion. Definite bottom 3.

Althea and St. Tropez:
I actually kind of like this. I like the shorts, they're in an unexpected color.
I think the whole look is appropriate for St. Tropez, not really sure. I just wish it wasn't so messy and that sash were taken away. Also, why can't the models wear bras?
It can be so distracting! I'll go with top three or safe.

Nicolas and Greece:
First of all the styling on this is atrocious. The hair is a complete mess.
Surprisingly enough I do kind of like the pants and the bottom detailing, I hate
the top of them though. The shirt could have been very pretty
but the fit around the bust is very strange. It also doesn't say Greece to me
at all. I'm going with bottom 2 for him.

Carol Hannah and Palm Beach:
When I think of Palm Beach fashion I immdeiately think of Florida retirees and this:

So really I thought CH had her work cut out for her.
This is really pretty, it reminds of an Uli dress in a good way.
It's a perfect beach party dress, and the detailing on the back was gorgeous,
I can definitely see the glamorous Palm Beach in this. Definite Top Three Entry.

Christopher and Santa Fe:
I was confused with the choice of Santa Fe to begin with. I've never associated it
with fashion. So I have to hand it to Christopher because I can definitely see
Santa Fe in this, and even in more than just the belt. The skirt feels
like the desert. And I have to admit this dress is kind of cute but maybe
only in comparison to the first dress before he made the skirt shorter. I'd say
bottom three for him.

Irina and Aspen:
This is why Irina can get away with being bitchy. This is GORGEOUS!
Everything's perfect. The inspiration of Aspen is clean. I love the rich snowbunny look,
she may wear ski pants but will not be goign skiing. I would love
to lounge around in this outfit drinking peppermint schnapps hot chocolate. Plus that
vest is perfection, it brings the look over the top. Definite win. And I'm now going to
say that she is most definitely going to be in the top three.

Gordana and New York City:
I know that this really doesn't show the dress, but the dress wasn't
exactly the main focal point anyway. The necklace is beautiful and would
be a perfect New York accessory. However I wasn't a big fan of the dress
and it was extremely poorly constructed. I'm surprised they didn't call her out on that.
Anyway, I'd still put her in the top three just because of how awful the
guys looks were.

And we have Althea is safe. Logan, Christopher, and Nicolas in the bottom. Irina, Carol Hannah and Gordana in the top.
Carol Hannah comes in third.
Irina wins! That just came out of nowhere.
Gordana comes in second, which is a surprise I guess.
Logan comes in third to last which is pretty much just because of his pretty straight boy looks. I mean suspenders and white jeans?
Christopher and Nicolas are in the bottom two with Nicolas going home. Drats.
I am extremely excited about Nicolas going home. He hasn't done a single thing that I've liked and I could go on and on about how his science fiction winning look wasn't science fiction at all, but fantasy. However I've already bored my friends with that so I won't bore you.
I have a feeling that we're going to have an all girl finale, the boys just keep getting weaker and weaker.

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