Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Future D.I.Y. Projects?

I love trying to make things inspired by stuff on the runways; especially the shoes. Here are some I'm looking forward to trying.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010
These are amazing! Steampunk shoes, even if I don't like steam punk all that much these shoes are pretty cool. I'm thinking that I could just spraypainting a cheap pair of booties bronze. Then find metal pieces from the hardwar store, spray paint them gold and attach to the heel of the shoe. Probably very difficult but also probably worth it in the end.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010
These look like sandals that have everythiing from the $1 section of CVS attached to them. But they look so pretty! And come on, nail polish bottles on your feet are pretty cool. And this would be a much easier project, just get some cheap sandals, nail polish, paint for the shoes, some rabbits feet and you're good to go!

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010
I kind of love this skirt, not to mention it would be incredibly easy to make yourself. It reminds me of the big strips of rubber in the car wash and also like those paper lanterns you make when you're in elementary school.

Sadly enough I had to turn the search on google onto strict and still go through 3 pages before finding a picture that didn't feature scantily clad girls washing cars.

I'm right about that though right? I'm very excited about making the shoes, hopefully I'll find some free time at some point.

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