Monday, October 19, 2009

Inexpensive Workish Outfit

I realized now that graduation is approaching I'll need to get some work appropriate clothes. The only problem is that if I had to wear a boring suit everyday I would die. It's exactly why I left Catholic school. So I picked out this as a possibility:

First of all the skirt is amazing, and it's knee length so I think it's office appropriate. I also really love the blazer, the little bows on the pockets keeps it young (not too young) and fun instead of dowdy. I also like having a flash of color under the blazer by using the tank top.
Blazer: Forever21 $24.80
Tank: Forever21 $7.90
Skirt: Forever21 $17.80 (I'm also totally getting this skirt. It looks like it should cost at least $50, love love love)
Shoes: Steve Madden $47.96
Total: $98.46! Stayed under even with the $50 shoes!

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