Monday, October 19, 2009

My Favorite People Part 2

Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I mean come on, he pretty much single handedly declared Pluto to not be a planet. You have to admire someone with that amount of power. Plus he's just an amazing person, I've seen him speak in person and he's incredibly engaging . He makes science fun, just watch NOVA and you'll agree.

Rachel Zoe. For so many reasons. First, she has the best job in the world, getting to style couture gowns everyday. Secondly, she does have an amazing sense of style and was the reason I started to fall in love with vintage. Plus she is a marketing genius. Before her show all I knew about her were vaugely negative things but after watching her (amazing) show she is now one of my favorite people!

Levar Burton. He was on not one but TWO of my favorite tv shows, Star Trek TNG and Reading Rainbow. I was obsessed with Reading Rainbow, everytimg the theme song started I would yell for my dad because we HAD to dance to it. Also, you have to admire someone who wore that eye thing at work every day. And I was complaining about suits earlier.

Mitchell Morris! First of all he is the best fiance in the entire world. Second, he likes to watch Star Trek, science shows, House, and Project Runway. Name another boy that likes to watch all of those. He also goes along with all of my crazy ideas, and even encourages them. I mean, we're going to be pixelated video game characters for Halloween. How much nerdier can you get? He also makes really great presents.

Who are some of your favorite people?

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