Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sexy Date Outfit

I think this is perfect for a date because it's sexy but understated sexy. The one shoulder shirt shows off your shoulders and collarbone which are sexy on all body types. Also, wearing jeans is a good choice for a date, they're much more laid back than a dress and I think there's nothing better than a great skinny jean. The high heels are a must as well as the great silver accessories which look great with the dark blue of the shirt!
Blouse: Topshop $65
Jeans: Forever21 $17.80
Heels: Zappos $117.95
Purse: Topshop $90
Cuff Bracelet: Modcloth $15.99
Total: $306.74
Total without the purse and the heels: $98.79
So this look is doable without the heels and the purse, you could get something cheaper, but I love what they add to the look.

Also, Topshop will not let you link to certain items which is why I haven't been linking for that store. The items are not that difficult to find however.

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